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Publishing Services
Most every successful book meets a few key criteria.  Similar to a good lecture, your book needs to flow, provide entertainment, be stimulating and capture the reader.  Professional editing is an excellent way to assure your book will do just that.  As the adage goes: "only a fool edits his own book."  We can help make sure that you use the right editor with the right level of editing to enhance the potential of your book’s success.  Our help also includes providing a cover design that is critical to your book's acceptance by reviewers, award programs, distributors, retailers and your target audience.

Printing your book will not come directly from your manuscript.  It must be submitted in an appropriate format which meets certain industry standards in publishing.  This "proof ready" book creation is most cost effectively done by those with significant experience utilizing popular publishing software.  In addition to this valuable service, we can also help those authors of nonfiction to create a usable and professional index.  If you've done research for your writing, you know the benefits that a good index can provide.

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