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Authors and Self-publishers
Welcome to our and your community!  For those of you are are writing and/or beginning to publish books on spirituality, metaphysics, new age fiction/nonfiction, transpersonal psychology or astrology, we have new paradigm ways to help you in the process.  Our specific experience and expertise in this niche  of publishing can be your asset in getting  your book published and promoted successfully.

There are many websites, books and resources available to help you in writing and publishing.  Unfortunately, the vast majority all apply to book publishing in general.  From our experience, following many of these sources will add time and money to your efforts and not get you closer to success.  What works to publish a novel or children's book in general will not necessarily get your spiritual or metaphysical book  to your audience.

That is why we are now providing a series of services designed for our niche market.  With our help, you can reap the following key affiliate benefits as a author of spiritually oriented books.  Otherwise, to learn more just click on any of  the Affiliate Benefits listed to the right.

Ways to reduce your time and efforts in book publishing:

  •  Expert services which will minimize your costs in self-publishing and promotion

  • Resources to get you to your market audience most effectively

  • Best practices shared by successful authors in the 
 spiritual community

  • 15% discounts on all our services and products

Ways for you to participate:

  • Utilize our services to enhance your writing/success

  • Learn about self-publishing from our expert authors

  • Interact  with like-minded authors/publishing 

  • Market your books/services through our community

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