Spiritual Paths
God's creative process involves both involutionary and evolutionary cycles. For those in Humanity, growth is participation in the evolutionary cycle of the "Being in whom we live, move and have our being."  Within this creative process, we have a choice to follow evolutionary growth or an accelerated process of Initiation to become co-creators with God.  This process of Initiation is the Spiritual Path.

As we experience life both physically and psychologically, there are many routes to follow in completing our various journeys. Spiritually, these diverse routes are the various spiritual Paths. Underlying them all is the process of Initiation which symbolically and literally defines our progress.

This initiatory process is very similar to obtaining various degrees involved in education.  Educationally, a high school diploma can lead to a college degree and even a doctorate for some.  We also progress into Spirit along the Spiritual Path to receive our initiatory degrees, first within Humanity and finally within the Spiritual Kingdom.

We have chosen to embrace 7 venues (spiritual Paths) of initiation under the overall umbrella of Living Spirit. In addition, we have updated these Paths based on the now Aquarian Age influence of taking self-responsibility for our growth in Spirit.  Therefore, we reduce and/or eliminate the need for a guru/teacher/savior to direct our spiritual practices and focus. 

Our mission is to provide resources and programs for those who have chosen self-direction on any of these diverse, but equal Paths.  For those of you who feel committed to any one of these 7 Paths and wish to self-initiate your growth, we encourage you to select a Path venue and let us help you  as a self-directed participant in Spirit.

Seven Aquarian Spiritual Paths
Living Spirit, 7 Advanced spiritual growth programs based on Aquarian (self-responsible) Age Energy
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