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In her life, she's had three children, one as a teenager and two later in her 30s. As I came into her life, it was obvious that her two girls who live with her were the most important thing in her life. Beyond that, her current commitment was to take her natural artistic ability to receive a Master's degree in art. She was very much living her water tendencies in these areas. 

But her Moon needs were not being fulfilled yet. Her commitment to spiritual growth had been intensifying through the 1990s with no realization of what it would mean in transformation of her past conditioning and habitual tendencies. Creating our spiritual partnership and moving to her next phase of growth necessitated her leaving the South and redirecting her creativity to support her spiritual growth rather than financial security. As mentioned in a previous article, she fulfilled her next step in spiritual growth by allowing her two children to remain in the South and live with their father while giving up her art education to pursue an entirely new course in life with her spiritual partner.

With Neptune as the ruler (dispositor) of Pisces residing in Scorpio in the first house, filling her Moon needs are helped by using her psychic powers, idealist one-pointedness an urge to transcend herself into a larger system (functions of Neptune) in developing her self-image, identity and basic approach to life (first house activities). This is best fulfilled by her approaching these activities in a determined, patient, consistent and methodical way (fixed qualities). This is exactly what she did through the drastic change of her life circumstances and willingness to leave much of her past behind in pursuit of fulfilling her spiritual destiny and service.

Finally, with the Moon as the natural ruler of the fourth house, transforming her conditioned past and habitual responses are assisted by her being progressive, initiating, resourceful, dynamic and energetic (Cardinal qualities) and organized, responsible, and successful (positive characteristics of Capricorn) while dealing with matters concerning the home and family and her own internal emotional structures in life (fourth house activities). This is because she has Capricorn on her fourth house cusp. She's accomplished this through focusing her creative abilities in transforming our house and property in southwest Colorado while taking a whole new approach to her children as their friend and confidant, not traditional mother.

The transiting Moon around our astrology chart mandala each month provides an important opportunity for us to see how our unconscious habit patterns and behaviors affect all areas of our life. The transiting Moon will spend about 2 1/3 days within each house. Conscious meditation and reflection of each day's life experiences relating to the transiting Moon's position will "bring to light" some aspect of that area in our life that is still unconscious and based on habitual conditioning. As the Moon transits a planet in that house, it will also unveil something unconscious or habitual about that planet’s part of our makeup.

In our example, let's say the Sun in Leo in the fifth house. The Moon in Taurus in the third house suggests that normally Leo would be on the fifth house cusp. Each month the transiting Moon will spend 2 1/3 days in the fifth house. During this period the opportunity exists to reflect upon and unveil some aspect of how this person unconsciously or habitually creatively expresses, deals with children and romantic and leisure activities (fifth house areas of life). With Leo here, insight into how this person positively expresses generously, kindly and dramatically and negatively expresses egotistically, dominating, or overly proud and showy will be shown.

In addition, when the Moon transits the natal Sun in Leo, the opportunity to see some aspect of self-consciousness and need to shine will be unveiled. It may also reveal some way that the personal character and identity demonstrates the negative characteristics of Leo described above.  In effect, the short cycle transits of the Moon become an excellent focus for a daily meditative orientation to life.

All in all, the Moon in our astrology chart is a powerful way to begin transforming our daily life on the Spiritual Path.  It goes to the core of our unconscious habits, behaviors and conditioning that we must transmute to become who we really are in preparation to becoming who we potentially will be as a spiritual being.

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