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The first phase of my spiritual commitment involved becoming an ordained teacher studying and working under an Aquarian Avatar for over 15 years, most of which included living directly in her retreat environment. Beyond my role as spiritual counselor in the Church of the Living Light, I became the youngest member of the Church's Board of 12 and co-head of the headquarter's parish. I further taught in the seminary while providing a leadership role in the Church’s educational activities, including regional and national  conferences.

Subsequent to being a spiritual counselor and VP of Education in the Church, I successfully developed a business consulting practice focused on helping entrepreneurs transform entrenched operational, management and financial issues.  This consulting experience included developing two comprehensive programs (Strategic Profit Management and the Spirit Process) to ensure on-going wealth generation for small businesses.  Further, I continued my on-going study of metaphysics, astrology, western theology and transpersonal psychology.

Today, my spiritual commitment leads me to mentor those who choose self-directed spiritual growth. In this regard, I have chosen to define a new Aquarian Age way to assist aspirants and initiates in accelerating their spiritual journey.  In addition, creating our Living Spirit community provides a way for spiritual practitioners, authors, ministers and all those committed to spiritual growth to give what they have for Spirit and get what they need from Spirit.  

Concurrently, I continue to define a 21st century synthesis of metaphysics, science, theology and transpersonal psychology being published in the 3 volume treatise God, Man and the Dancing Universe.  Volume 1, published in 2006, focuses on our universe and Life in it.  It is a double award winning finalist with various high critical reviews.  In addition, I also conduct regional, national and international lectures, seminars and workshops on various spiritual growth and metaphsycal topics. 

Jef Bartow

Tanya Bartow

The early years of my spiritual commitment involved becoming a certified shamanic teacher.  Further internal calling led me to intensify my healing work as both a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. More recently, my spiritual journey has brought me to also become a warrior on don Juan's Path of Knowledge.

Besides my contributions to Living Spirit as a mentor to community members, I provide a number of the publishing & marketing services offered within our community.  I have also recently co-authored Living Spirit's Guidebook for Spiritual Growth: a Program for Spiritual Transformation, now available to individuals and for group study programs.

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