by Jef Bartow

As the Sun moves into Scorpio, it also begins its transition through Scorpio's natural home of the eight House. Astrologically, our eighth House activities in life include dealing with joint resources, regenerating our ego, relating in key partnerships and our sex life. As the Sun progresses during the next 30 days, it brings the opportunity for greater self-awareness and self-consciousness in these areas of our life. In addition, Peace is the characteristic of SPIRIT which we can use to increase our self-awareness and self-consciousness. 

Within our objective universe, Peace relates to and embodies the outer objective Mental Plane. This is where the term "peace of mind" becomes so meaningful. The agitation and ongoing mind chatter we tend to live in only blocks contact with the highest perfection of our mentality, pure mind and its state of peaceful rapport with our spiritual nature. 

Subjectively, Peace embodies the Realm of Meaning which is the home of the self-conscious Souls within humanity. As we develop self-conscious awareness within the states and realms of Spirit, we obtain the opportunity to transition our soul into a self-conscious Soul. With this major spiritual step, Peace then conditions our spiritual Soul subjectively and our Ego objectively. This makes Peace a pivotal characteristic within our spiritual growth.

With each of these descriptions, I equate surrender with the process that brings us this Peace. This surrender is of our Ego to our Soul’s plan. It is the surrender of our individualistic Personality to rapport and cooperation with our soul group. When we bow our personality existence to our soul’s purpose, we receive a powerful spiritual inflow which brings us a sense of inner poise. As we reach this state, we can then live the outer objectification of Peace: the calm and quiet undisturbed freedom from conflict or material agitation.

 Spiritualizing Exercises

The next 30 days is an ideal time to bring Peace into our life. Let’s begin by using our daily reflection to review how our Ego still controls and/or motivates our behaviors.  

        Where do we have difficulty in bowing inwardly to God and outwardly to those we consider authority figures? Define and implement specific steps to bow this sense of egoism and gain a greater self-awareness of our spiritual nature.

        Let’s also focus on how our Ego influences or conditions our sex life, partnerships and our joint resources. The light of the Sun will shine on these areas of our life during this month. Use this light to gain a greater awareness of the lack of rapport and cooperation we exhibit in sex or partner relationships. Define specific ways in which you can improve your sex life and participation in key partnerships. 

        In order to bring lasting change, let’s make these specific actions into disciplines until they become habits. Even just one or two new habits will significantly increase our spiritual inflow. They will also greatly increase a calm and quiet undisturbed freedom from conflict in these important relationships. Disciplines and habits are powerful ways to make change permanent within our Personality, and permanent change is what spiritual growth is all about.

 Characteristics of Spirit

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Peace Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Living Spirit, Peace, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Peace, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
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So what makes Peace so pivotal? Various sources provide some succinct insight. Our centre of Peace is where the "spiritual inflowing tides meet." Peace brings us "synthetic rapport with its resultant cooperation" with our soul group. Peace is our "capacity for inclusiveness" and "the perfection of inner poise." When we allow Peace to fully condition our life, we receive "one of the first fruits of Spirit" and the "willed acceptance of all the conditions which God imposes."