by Jef Bartow

As we begin to approach the summer solstice, we come under the influence of Justice and its potential powerful expression within our immediate environment, our thinking and communications. The SPIRIT characteristic of Justice naturally relates for humanity through the third House astrologically. Its greatest impact and expression, though, is focused on our Monad (God Within) and our objective Self and subjective Soul residing in the spiritualized Planes and Realms.

A number of sources provide insight into this Justice. Aristotle described justice as consisting of treating equals equally and unequals unequally, but in proportion to their relevant differences. Various terms used to define justice include "impartiality, equitable, dispassionate, principled and proper fitting." 

Theologically, Justice is the sum total of all virtues or "holiness." It's characteristics include religion and obedience. Religion equals "rendering unto God," while obedience is "submitting the will to God’s representation." Another way to describe Justice is as a quality of righteousness. Righteous evokes an image of being within Spirit expressing the various virtues of Spirit. This Justice is also equated with the "greatest of excellences."
To bring this Justice down to earth, how do we experience justice? Our legal justice system attempts to provide justice within our society, but falls far short much of the time. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that humans usually interpret justice based on their own biases. What is lacking is a dispassionate impartiality by judges, attorneys and jurors.

The key to Justice expressing within Matter is that its influence is most powerful spiritually. Since most of us are only in the early stages of experiencing and understanding Spirit, much of Justice can be seen only indirectly. We can all recall instances and events, whether real or portrayed through entertainment that we consider the exercise of justice, even though many times outside of the law. I consider an example of Justice in the following: President Nixon was never convicted of a crime, but received Justice in the humiliation and stripping of power he received in avoiding the law. 

I think most everyone would find it very difficult to see Justice in the events of 9/11. However, the psychic impact on the American people and the world can be seen as a spiritual event. Our growing objective material attitude (represented by the twin towers) took a significant blow. Spiritually, the sacrifice that many people made that day and continuing today is definitely moving our society forward spiritually.

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Living Spirit, Justice, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
Justice, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
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The objectification of Justice expresses from the Monadic Plane. These Monadic energies include the Word of God, creative wisdom, discernment, objective archetypes, Active Intelligence, Love and Will. Subjectively, Justice resonates within the Realm of Attraction which provides a powerful attraction of all Matter back to its source. Science has observed this physically in what is considered "attractors." These attractors are a prime ingredient of the order within chaos which describes all living organisms and life.

From these various views, I would define this Justice as the characteristic of SPIRIT that creates a numinous alignment of energies in life based on "treating equals equally and unequals unequally, but in proportion to their relevant differences." Objectively, Justice provides the "dispassionate impartiality which creates an equitable and proper fitting of like principles and forms." Based on an all-accomplishing Wisdom, Justice creates an alignment of energies in expressing the Word of God.
Justice, Characteristic of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
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Our society organizes justice through a series of courts. This man-made expression is a reflection of a spiritual reality. The order of life spiritually includes a series of courts which are responsible for the expression of "Divine Justice." The word Divine here imparts a sense of "of or like God; given or inspired by God; devoted to God." Regardless of the level of the court, we can receive Divine Justice throughout our life. The key is that we stand in Divine Justice and ask for it within our life, relationships and daily activities.

A good place to begin is with our thinking and communications (3rd House activities). Try to become aware of how your daily mind-chatter reflects your own feelings and attitudes of having been mistreated, whether by your boss, your loved one, a friend, family member or individuals within your local environment of daily life.

Receiving Divine Justice can be as easy as meditatively stepping into its energies and asking that Divine Justice be done. Ask that Justice be revealed between you in that individual or between you and the events that have taken place. Then, watch for what comes up within you psychically that may have contributed to the event.
Further, watch and see how Justice begins to work out. It can be something that happens within your life or within the life of the individual in which you feel you have been mistreated. Sometimes you'll get quick justice and sometimes it may take years.

Remember, Justice means rendering unto God and submitting your will to God’s representation. That means giving to God your resentment and feelings of being mistreated and letting God bring Divine Justice into your life. This is a surrendering of yourself to what Divine Justice brings to you for transformation. Frankly, I think most of you will find that that is not easy to do. But it is acting spiritually rather than personally.

Another area of focus for Justice this month can be in a close relationship, especially if you have brothers and sisters (also 3rd House). Take some time this month to reflect upon how you have mistreated this individual in the past, whether as a child, adolescent or adult. Regardless of how she/he has mistreated you, find at least one thing you can do to bring a balance and Justice to your past actions. At the same time, render unto God your resentments and feelings of being mistreated by this person. With this, try to approach this relationship with a new orientation and attitude. This may take some time and concerted effort, but it will be worthwhile for your spiritual growth.