Einstein's theories define four dimensions of space-time which change or vary based on one's velocity.  Our three space dimensions of length, width and depth contract the closer we approach the speed of light.  Time, on the other hand, slows down to a snail's pace as one approaches the speed of light.  Since we on the earth move very slow compared to the speed of light, we experience space-time as fixed absolutes consistent with Newton’s theories.

Spiritual Avatars experience space-time different from humans.  Simply, they know how to transcend normal space-time’s existence and conditioning.  This is how they become detached from what becomes an objective prison of sorts.  As long as one remains conditioned by objective space-time, little spiritual progress will become a reality.  As the saying goes, Avatars and other spiritual beings live "in the world, not of it."  
The 12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
by Jef Bartow

Even though there is one accelerated spiritualizing process for humanity (Initiation), there are many different Paths in which to pursue this spiritual growth.  In the East, one moves from beginning as a stream enterer to becoming a Bodhisattva and finally a Buddha. Metaphysically, one moves from a probationer to Initiate and finally a Master.  In the West the journey is to become a disciple and finally a Living Christ.

At the sixth degree of Initiation, every Initiate chooses a higher Path of Service.  For many it leads them off the Earth into another part of our system or cosmos.  More than one of these Paths can entail remaining on this planet for a period to assist in the coming of the Cosmic Christ.  The Path of the Avatar is one of these.  

The role of an avatar is to express a Principle or Energy to a new degree or level.  The avatar’s spiritual attainment determines whether its impact will be within humanity, our planetary sphere, our entire systemic evolution or cosmic environment.  The Cosmic Christ is a cosmic Avatar assisting our systemic Logos in taking a major step forward spiritually.  Many spiritual Avatars are also committed to helping humanity and our planetary evolution fulfill its current key role in systemic growth.

As we learn in school, three dimensions of space and one dimension of time condition all existence and life.  Beyond these, we also live within other dimensions of experience unconsciously.  Theoretical physics has recently come to conclude that there are additional dimensions, 10 or 11 to be exact.  What humans theoretically propose as additional dimensions, spiritual Avatars embrace and consciously utilize in their work.

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Living Spirit, The 12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
The 12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
12 Dimensional Life of a Spiritual Avatar
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Two more Time Dimensions

Eastern mystics describe a place or state of no time. It is "an infinite, timeless, and yet dynamic present."  Transcending normal time is moving into and through this dimension of No Time.  Scientifically, one could say that No Time exists before the Big Bang that began our universe.  Spiritual Avatars utilize this dimension of experience to commune with and gain perspective in the midst of powerful spiritual Energies.  Both spiritual Love and Will are Energies which exist outside of the time of space-time.

Our third dimension of time, Imaginary Time, is our most dynamic.  In both mathematics and science, imaginary became a way of representing a "beautiful"  convenience, the square root of a negative number.  Imaginary numbers are an integral part of trigonometry.  A renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking, expanded the concept of imaginary time beyond a mathematical device.  He defined imaginary time as existing perpendicular to real-time.  His conclusion became: "This might suggest that the so-called imaginary time is really the fundamental time, and that what we call real-time is something we create just in our minds."

The Eastern mystic Gurdjieff defined Imaginary Time as Eternity: "the infinite existence of every moment of time."  Imaginary Time extends from the infinite past to the infinite future.  Moving through this time allows us to revisit our past and preview our future.  Instead of thinking or imagining our past in the present time, we energetically move through Imaginary Time to the reality of the past or potential future.
    "Look at it but you cannot see it!
    Its name is Formless.
    Listen to it but you cannot hear
    Its name is Soundless.
    Grasp it but you cannot get it!
    Its name is Incorporeal...
                                                           --- No. 14
Three Growth Dimensions

It's easy for us to understand growth as a process.  You could say that growth is a three-phase process of birthing, living and dying.  Other terms include involution, evolution and devolution.  Astrologically, these three phases of growth include waxing, waning and retrograde.  By utilizing Webster's Dictionary definition of a dimension as the "measurable extent, degree, scope or importance," three growth dimensions of experience are simply how we measure growth.  

Waxing growth is "activity-based form building."  In construction, this is a simple as the building of a building.  Regarding our personality, we build or develop a fully mature personality in the first half of life.  Many of us also use the Waxing dimension of experience through marriage, family and property to build a home life.

Waning growth is "growth in consciousness."  This corresponds to evolution and/or living.  As C.G. Jung concluded, we are all intrinsically or instinctually driven to grow and develop.  The degree to which we focus on conscious growth is the degree to which we are utilizing the Waning growth dimension of experience.  

Unfortunately, many humans only experience this unconsciously, being driven by the growth of the "Being in whom we live, move and have our being."  Spiritual Avatars embrace and utilize this growth dimension with a passion.  There is no standing still in life.  All experience becomes an opportunity for growth in consciousness, regarding self, life and our universe.  Utilizing this powerful dimension of growth is how they become focused with purposeful intent through all time, especially the everlasting present.

Retrograde in astrology is a term used for the apparent moving backward of planets with regard to our perspective here on earth.  Actually, all planets move forward with varying velocities and ecliptics around the sun.  The meaning of retrograde movement in astrology is similar to regression in psychology.  Retrograde growth becomes the measurable dimension of growth characterized by retracing or reviewing some event, experience or part of our psyche that remains un-integrated with the rest of our existence.

Similar to Waning growth, most humans experience Retrograde growth unconsciously.  The easiest way to see this is how certain individuals get stuck psychologically and then continue to re-experience current events or relationships based on the past.  Obviously, continually reliving your high school life as an adult demonstrates that a part of you is not willing to move forward in growth as an adult.

Spiritual Avatars utilize Retrograde growth in conjunction with Imaginary Time to fully revisit, recapitulate and then transform the past to become more powerfully motivated for the future.  Imaginary Time takes us to the reality of the past while Retrograde growth helps us to re-experience and put it in a new perspective.  Conscious realization of what is retarding our growth (what is retrograde) accelerates our ability to move forward in Waxing and Waning (e.g. spiritual) growth.

Three Dimensions of Subjectivity 

Discussion of the existence of subjectivity has gone on for thousands of years.  For those of us with subjective experience beyond dreaming, its reality is without question.  Two major philosophers/teachers provide us with detail accounts and a door to this eternal part of our universe.  Lao Tzu's Tao Teh Ching provides a powerful experiential journey within the Subjective.
Various students of don Juan Matus including Carlos Castaneda have documented their experiences in the Subjective including the organic and inorganic life which they encountered.  Their technique for experiencing this other part of life is “Dreaming.”  In Western psychology we call it Lucid Dreaming.  A number of Eastern and Western mystics have come to the conclusion that our outer objective life is a dream, while the Subjective is our true Reality. 

Metaphysics and science confirms the reality of the Subjective in the principle of "As Above, so Below.”  DNA provides the fundamental building blocks of organic life.  Its double-helix structure provides the mechanism for replicating life.  Our universe is composed of a similar double-helix structure of Objectivity and Subjectivity, both real and indispensable to life.  Subjectivity provides the eternal home of our Soul and God Within.  Both material Objectivity and Subjectivity provide the creative opportunity for us to manifest God's plan.

Similar to Objectivity, Subjectivity includes three space dimensions.  The first is On-ness, which is the subjective counterpart to our three objective space dimensions.  Similar to objective space, it is fully actualized for all life. The simplest way to understand On-ness is that all of life has a surface of subjective meaning.  It is up to our conscious experience to bring a depth of meaning in life.  Until we do, we can be described by the simple terms shallow or living on the surface of things.

Depth of meaning in life comes from our experience in In-ness.  H.W.  Percival, the metaphysician, defined In-ness as what "hold surfaces together."  In-ness creates the interiority of something.  This dimension of experience measures the significance and meaning (depth) of our life experiences. By penetrating to the depth of each experience, spiritual Avatars gain the full meaning and significance that day-to-day life can bring.  The more each of us plummets the depth of our life experiences, the more we actualize the totality of our being.
 Our final subjective dimension of experience is Throughness.  We actualize this  dimension by how we move through our life experiences.  This dimension of experience provides the opportunity for transmutation.  Measuring our transmutation in life gauges the degree to which we have become the potential of our true beingness.  We all have the potential to change the qualification of our life experiences.  The degree to which we do defines our spiritual progress.

Spiritual Avatars learn to live in and utilize the dimensions of Subjectivity just as easily and automatically as humans utilize objective space-time.  By fully embracing the  double-helix structure of our universe through experiences in 12 dimensions, spiritualizing humans can catapult themselves beyond evolution through an accelerated process of Initiation. 
Spiritual Avatars embrace this Initiatory process as their lifeline to Spirit and the source of their Being. This is how they live their spiritual potential in 12 dimensions on this planet, in the system and later throughout the cosmos.  The question is not whether these dimensions exist, but are we willing to embrace them and the growth opportunity they provide.
For spiritual Avatars, Imaginary Time provides the opportunity to revisit, and therefore recapitulate and transmute past karma.  Energetically, our past still exists until we recapture and transform our qualified existence and experiences from this and previous lives.  And frankly, the reality of the past rarely coincides in detail with our memories or written history provided by human bias.  Beyond revisiting the actual past, previewing the future through Imaginary Time provides an excellent present opportunity to change our future for the better.